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Июнь 15 2022

VMF family celebrated Chingiz Mustafayev's memorial day

Today is the memorial day of the National Hero of Azerbaijan, well-known journalist, Chingiz Mustafayev. He was born on August 29, 1960. He began his journalistic career in November 1991 as a reporter for Azerbaijan Television.

His grave was visited by the VMF Watch Factory family in the Alley of Martyr, wreaths and flowers were laid in front of it and paid tribute to their memory. It was attended by family members, relatives and everyone who remembers him, including Seyfulla Mustafayev. Like him, each of our patriotic sons will live forever in the memory of our nation.

After the start of the First Karabakh War, Chingiz went to the frontline regions, prepared operative news and special reports from all the regions that was in the warzone, and conveyed the truth about Azerbaijan under information blockade to the world.

The footage of Chingiz Mustafayev's Armenian atrocities in Khojaly dealt a heavy blow to Armenia's reputation around the world. He is the author of 18 documentaries about the First Karabakh War.

Chingiz Mustafayev lost his life on June 15, 1992 from a shrapnel he received during a shooting in Nakhchivanik village of Askeran region.

Let all of our martyrs rest in peace!